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Sit-stand office desks
Desks with electric height adjustability. ConSet have a large selection of both specialty and standard height adjustable desks, with fair prices and quick delivery from the warehouse. ConSet has the CO2e emission available for all products.

Desk frames
ConSet also offers height adjustable desk frames as components without tabletops. There is a large selection of frames, drawings with measurements are available for all frames. ConSet has produced electric standing desk frames since 2000 and the frames are robust with a history of long lifespan.

ConSet priorities low CO2 emission that’s why our tabletops are primarily made from particleboard. Particleboard is usually made from waste materials or reused from other wood products. The tops have a melamine coating, which can also be reused.

Accessories can increase the uses of our height adjustable desks. ConSet offers accessories like, electronics, cable trays, pen trays, CPU-holders, tabletop tilt top devices and wheels.

Spare parts
ConSet keep the most common spare parts stocked for new and old products alike. Lifespan and CO2 emissions are tightly linked, changing a spare part can be beneficial for both the environment and the wallet.

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