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How high should my table be?

For good overall ergonomic practice it is Conset’s view that users should also vary their table height both for sitting and for standing, so that each time your own posture is a little different. This calculator is a starting point.
If possible, make sure that the selected product is not fully utilized. Partly our calculation is based on an average proportion of people's bodies and partly no one knows the height of the next employee.
Our standard in Europe describes table heights between 68 and 118 cm. will cover 80% of the adult population and that between 65 and 125 cm. will cover 95%. The ConSet model with the largest percentage coverage has a possible table height between 62 and 130cm. It's just a little extra so that more people can use the same tables, but unfortunately it's not guaranteed to be the best.
The disadvantage of covering wider is that the tables become a bit more expensive and the vast majority will never use the extra centimeters, but that's how it is if everyone has to use the same tables.
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