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Tops, single column tables

Below you find a list of the different top varieties with their proper DWG, STL and PDF documentation.

If you should want a drawing of another top different from the ones on the list, please click  here.


Trapez top, w=138cm 

138H.DWG  /  138H.STL   /   138H.pdf


Rectangular top, w=100cm

100-80.DWG  /  100-80.STL   /   100-80.pdf


Top with center curve, w=100cm

100C.DWG  /  100C.STL   /   100C.pdf


Heart shaped top, w=117cm117H.DWG  /  117H.STL   /   117H.pdf


Combination top

Heart shaped top, w=117cm             117H_combination.DWG   /   117H_combination.pdf

Trapez top, w=138cm                      138H_combination.DWG   /   138H_combination.pdf

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