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In Denmark we always have thousands of electric desks on stock for immediate delivery. Two weeks shipments to UK and an extensive UK dealer network.
These electric height adjustable desks offer many benefits over a standard desk: Contact Interline UK our UK sales and marketing agent
who will help finding a good height adjustable desk dealer and can provide you with product information.

ConSet, Industrivej 23, Skjern

ConSet retail dealers are throughout the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands please call 01245 477922 for your nearest dealer information or email

ConSet UK and Ireland based dealers receive all supplies from Conset A/S central stock via a weekly delivery service. The goods are invoiced to those dealers by UK company ConSet Desks Ltd. This means supply in regards to paperwork, VAT and payment for the dealer is the same as buying from any UK manufacturer.

  ConSet A/S (Head office, Denmark)
  Industrivej 23
  DK-6900 Skjern

  Telephone: 0045 9680 0080
  Fax: 0045 9680 0081


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ConSet A/S | Industrivej 23 | 6900 Skjern | Danmark +44 (0)1245 477922