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Looking through our green glasses ?

Looking through our green glasses ? - This probably sounds like a strange term but every where we turn now seems to be about achieving a greener world, some claims are valid others often seem highly questionable. So we hope you will read on and decide.

For electric desk frames it is quite common for a specification to state ''Twin Motor'' as a strong sales point but it can be argued that a single motor desk has half the chance of a motor problem and no chance of an out of sync issue happening, that is not the only argument though. The twin motor product will need electronics to synchronise the speed of the two motors whereas the single motor uses a simple metal driveshaft.

It is quite common to hear "we must have a programmable memory handsets", yet this is just more electronics being added compared to simple up/ down buttons and surely the main benefit of a sit stand desk for most people is to vary their working height when sitting or standing. Many people often wear different shoes heights one day to the next and can easily tell when the desk is at the height they like.

Where is the ‘green issue'' though is all this ?
Electronics and electrical parts have a very significant CO2 impact compared to the other material contents. Adding a programmable handset for example adds 3kg to the CO2 calculation. All but one series of Conset desk frame uses a single motor system so requires no electronics to synchronise motors and they all come as standard with simple button type handsets. For disability use the memory control certainly can be essential and ConSet have the option there if ever needed.

To aid customer choice the CO2 calculation for each ConSet product can be seen on the product individual web page, here is an example.

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