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Choose Tabletop surface for the Desk
Walnut tops
Walnut has a very beautiful wood grain appearance and the contrast in the structure is not overwhelming, walnut is a pleasant and elegant choice for a table top. The ConSet desk walnut is a dark colour with a tint of warmth, the table top is eye-catching but not dominant. The surface is satin and durable.

White tops
The surface on the white table top is made with a light reflectance. The finish is made this way so greasy fingers and dirt are less visible. Table tops are meant to be used and cleaning should be minimal. White is very reflective, so if a room is brightly lit, this characteristic must be considered.

Beech tops
Beech is a traditional choice and many offices use it for table tops. Fashions change but the subtle colour and wood structure of beech is still popular. Beech is a great choice because its gentle wood structure does not pull attention from the room, which is why it is great when offices have many identical standing desks. ConSets beech surface has a modern satin finish. Greasy fingers dont show as much as a full matt finish.

Maple tops
Maple veneer is a bright and light table top to furnish an office with. The veneer is unique on all tops and natural maple is easy to combine with other colours. Maple looks especially good with light colour electric desk frames without too much colour contrast.

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